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CHS is among the nations leading manufacturers of textured soy protein products used by food and feed companies around the world. Textured soy protein, used to extend or replace meat, is found in sausages, pizza toppings, chili and soups, as well as fillings for burritos and tacos. Analogs are another protein product used to simulate the flavor, appearance and texture of meat such as bacon, beef or chicken.

Current branded products from CHS include:

The Ultra-Soy® line of unflavored and flavored products are rich in high-quality vegetable protein and used in a variety of people foods from pizza toppings to stews. These products are ideally suited for extending or replacing meat as they are made in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, flavors and fortifications. CHS also produces analogs (imitation meat substitutes) under the Imagic® brand name.

These products are formulated with soy or wheat (gluten) for a cost-effective ingredient option that also meets the stringent quality standards of our customers.