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We offer strategic and convenient locations with unique temperature offerings, from blast freezing to ambient and organic.
Our excellent customer service will make it seem like you have your own warehouse on the west coast. If you need web-fulfillment for a single package or you need a DC for thousands of pallets, we are your partner.

Sierra Pacific can make your logistical projects easier. Sierra Pacific is now offering California intrastate trucking. We can now ensure that your product is handled all the way to its destination. We can handle your most complicated cross dock to the simplest bulk shipment. We are visiting many of the major DCs on a regular basis and offer a great consolidation program.

Sierra Pacific Express is managed by Dave Cultrera, a 30 year logistics veteran with a specialty in complete freight programs, pooling and customer services. Jeff Lawson, with 20 years of dispatch control ensures that Sierra Pacific Express meets your needs. . "Customer satisfaction is critical in transportation. There is nothing more frustrating that hunting down your delivery" explains Dave, "We take pride in our communication and service".

Sierra Pacific Express specializes in drayage services to the Port of Oakland. This is a critical function to those of you who export to the Pacific Rim.